New Holding Facility, Clinical Sciences, St James' Hospital

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St James's Hospital / University of Leeds

Client’s Requirements

The new holding facility at Clinical Sciences, St James’ Hospital was required to support on-going cancer research and the new Oncology Building constructed alongside.  The new facility was to be located on the 9th floor of the existing Clinical Sciences building with minimal disruption to the existing building operation and site facilities.

The unit is completely self-contained and has been designed to operate on a 24 hour basis and therefore has full standby power generators.

Silcock Leedham’s Contribution

Silcock Leedham was appointed and novated to the design and build contractor to provide full design duties and validation master plan for the new facility and to monitor and advise the design & build Contractor on all Home Office approvals and interfacing with the Home Office inspector.

As the project involved redevelopment and change of use of an existing area of the building we carried out detailed surveys of the existing services, existing plant capacity, infrastructure capacity and points of connections into existing services.

We identified the least invasive service routes and ‘shut-down’ requirements to minimise disruption to the remainder of the building construction and to maximise the limited space available. 

We worked closely with the client, contractor and Home Office inspector during construction and validation to form an integrated and successful project.