Kacao Chocolate Shop, Doha, Qatar

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Case Study Details

Katara Cultural Village
150,00 QAR
Doha, Qatar

Client’s Requirements   

This commission consisted of the design and build of a new café Chocolate Shop in the Katara Cultural Village, Doha.

Silcock Leedham’s Contribution

Our responsibility included the detailed design of all mechanical and electrical engineering services for the Design and Build of the Chocolate Shop.  Our duties include the design of plumbing and drainage, fire protection, electrical power, lighting, architectural lighting, fire detection and extra low voltage containment systems.

We have designed the plumbing services to utilise the existing service points, minimising construction time on site and cost.  We are experienced in designing fire detection and fire suppression and have designed the system based in stringent UK regulations.

Added Value / Unique Selling Points

Our focus on the architectural lighting was provision of high impact design utilising low voltage fittings and lamps.  Lighting around the chocolate area will be ‘cool touch’ fittings to provide a safe working environment and to reduce heat generation.