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Case Study Details

Scarborough Borough Council

Client’s Requirements

The concept of the CIC was developed over a 5 year period and is used as a vehicle for redeveloping cultural and historic buildings in the UK. Scarborough Borough Council, ERDF Objective 2 and Yorkshire Forward provided funding of £5m to develop a multi-functional facility containing artisan workshops, conference facilities, meeting spaces and incubator suites. The original historically significant site of the Woodend Museum was chosen for the CIC due to its open views, gardens, large internal spaces and as it could be easily and sensitively extended.

Silcock Leedham’s Contribution

Silcock Leedham carried out full detailed design including acoustics and fire engineering.  The building was modelled to utilise the benefits of the thermal heavy weight original stone structure coupled with a new light weight extension.

Due to the constraints of the building the design had to maximise the minimal space available and integrate the new building engineering services within the existing listed building structure.

The facility included a new broadcasting suite for BBC North which had to comply with all BBC studio and permanent studio design and engineering requirements

The design for the engineering services needed to incorporate the requirements of fitting within a listed building and to co-ordinate with a new, highly serviced 3500m² building extension.  Detailed surveys were carried out for all of the exposed and concealed services to establish points of connection between the existing listed structure and the new extension.

Added Value / Unique Selling Points

Our design approach was based on minimal impact to the existing listed structure and involved a high level of co-ordination with the other design team members and specialist consultants.

Silcock Leedham were responsible for full compliance with Part L building regulations and establishing a system of energy ‘trade-offs’ between the old and new building to minimise the building’s carbon footprint whilst allowing the existing listed building to operate efficiently.

We designed a ‘BBC Compliant’ broadcasting suite, including acoustic design, lighting control, HVAC system and power supply systems.